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Hi there, this is our cookie notice. When you visit our website, we will place one or more cookies on your device or use JavaScript, HTML 5 and other digital technologies to collect information from your computer, mobile handset or other device. This information may contain personal data. In this cookie policy we will tell you what cookies we will use and what their functions are. How we process personal data that we obtain from your device is described in our privacy notice. When you visit our website we will regard this as your specific request to provide you with the full functionality of the site.

This cookie notice applies for consumers. It can change: new versions will be posted by us on our website. 

The responsibility for this cookie policy lies with PVH Brands Europe BV. [PVH Brands Europe BV is the “we” or “us” in this cookie notice. You can contact us at the address listed below. 

When we talk cookies, we are talking about small (temporary) text files we transfer to your device. We may also use similar digital techniques, such as JavaScript, HTML 5, device fingerprinting etc. Collectively we refer to these digital techniques as “cookies” in this cookie policy. 

Cookies may be used for many different purposes. In the first place, these cookies ensure that you can use the basic functionality of the website: they remember your selection and the choices you make to improve your experience on our website. They assist in security issues and conforming to regulations. We call them “functional cookies”.

Cookies can also be used to allow us to further develop and improve the functionality of our website by tracking usage. In some cases they improve the speed with which we can process your request, allow us to remember site preferences you have selected. You can make a choice to not consent to our use of these “analytical cookies”. 

Thirdly, “social media- and advertising cookies”  offer the possibility to connect you to social networks and share content from our website on social media. Information that we obtain from advertising cookies is used to maintain your personal advertising profile. These cookies also help us to include you in a particular online audience in our Data Management Platform (DMP). Our purpose with your profile and your inclusion in an online audience in our DMP is to provide you with effective targeted advertising. We may for example try to determine what you are most likely to buy from us soon and show you an advertisement for such item. Based on your profile we may also show you tailored content on our website. You can make a choice to not consent to our use of these “social media- and advertising cookies”.